Boarding Costs

The industry standard charge is per day in pet boarding, and we aim to meet and exceed the industry standards. Capricorn Coast Kennels (CCK) operates on a per day stay, similar to a motel, you can bring your pet in during the morning or afternoon opening times but ask that you pick up your pet before 9 am otherwise it may incur another days charge.

All kennelled dogs require and receive the same attention, care and time by our staff. We don’t discriminate on pet sizes in the main kennels.  Budget or low cost boarding is often linked to cost cutting measures.

Dogs from $22 per day

Cats $17 per day

Day Stays from $18 per day

Little dogs in shared little dog pens with 24/7 run access $22/day

Kennelled dogs $28 /day. Includes daily off leash activities and runs.

Individual pens or

Communal pens

(At the owners discretion always) Keeping in mind that FIV and other viruses that can be transmitted when communal housing and cat interaction occurs. Please consult with your VET.

Little dogs, shared pens $18

Kennelled dogs $23

Booking fee min $20 or 20%

Cancellation fees; nil before 7 days and 50% for less than 7 days. No show will forfeit the payment.

Drop Off Times

Drop off times are any time we are open, preference is that we get the pet in an hour before we close, since anytime we move pets in, it elevates the mood on all the animals.

Pick Up Times

Pickup time is any time we are open(before 9am will not incur additional charges). If your pet remains in the kennel past 9 am we are unable to clean and prepare the kennel for another guest.

A Saturday morning drop off and Sunday afternoon pickup is considered a two day stay.

Quality Care

We at CCK pride ourselves on quality care, with 24/7 monitoring of the facilities. We are striving to be the gold standard in facilities and there is still more to do.

Our quality revolves around:

  • Trained and diverse staff
  • Clean and modern facilities
  • Large dog runs
  • High quality food and custom beds
  • Good long breaks for kennelled dogs to socialise and expend that “kennelled” energy
  • Multi-purpose facilities in the cattery


Cancellation / No show Policy

When you book you may be charged a booking fee. If your cancellation is 7 days prior to the booking, a full refund will be applicable. After 7 days it will be a 50 % forfeit of fees and the remainder will be held as a credit. Failure to show will forfeit all of the boarding fee.


Make a Booking

If it is your first time booking with us, click the “Register” button to complete your contact details.


Business Hours

Monday: 6AM-10AM + 3PM-5PM
Tuesday: 6AM-10AM + 3PM-5PM
Wednesday: 6AM-10AM + 3PM-5PM
Thursday: 6AM-10AM + 3PM-5PM
Friday: 6AM-10AM + 3PM-5PM
Saturday: 6AM-10AM ONLY
Sunday: 3PM-5PM ONLY